Faktor-Faktor yang Mempengaruhi Pemanfaatan Layanan Puskesmas Pembantu

  • Ardenny Ardenny Poltekkes Kemenkes Riau
Keywords: Access, , knowledge, attitude


Puskesmas is one of the health service facilities that is the mainstay or
benchmark of health development, a means of community participation, and
the first comprehensive service center of an area. The purpose of this study
was to determine the factors that influence the utilization of the services of
the Puskesmas Assistant in the working area of the Pigs Dayun Community
Health Center. This type of research is a quantitative study with a research
design used cross sectional research design with a total sample of 63 people.
Analysis of the data used bivariate analysis. The results showed that there
was a significant relationship between knowledge factors (p value 0.004),
attitudes (p value 0.002), and access (p value 0.049) to the utilization of
Supporting Health Centers. It is recommended to the Puskesmas to optimize
the utilization of the Supporting Puskesmas through the socialization of
programs that are arranged regularly

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